What would you say is the signature of your brand?

Perfection of cut, luxurious fabrics, Romantic tailoring, skilful corsetry and traditional craftsmanship, working together to create High Octane Glamour.

What is your design philosophy?

I am a confirmed Maximalist. Less is not more - More is more!

What is the breakdown of your clientele? What sort of woman do you design for?

I design for women who want to look sexy and of the moment. They have an international attitude to dressing, are fashion concious but they dance to their own tune. They rebel against mass production and have seen through the expensive but everywhere global brands.

Which personalities have you dressed, if any?

I love making clothes for Judi Nokwedi (unbelievably sexy), Rachel Tambo who is one of the most beautiful women in South Africa and Mbali Ngqula who has an enviable ease about her.

Who is your muse?

I don't see any one person as a muse. I am rather inspired by the incredibly rich heritage of fashion and the amazing characters in its history. I am as excited about where fashion comes from as I am about its future.

Who embodies your brand?

Strong individualistic women such as Cate Blanchette and Drew Barrymore.

Any future plans or new developments for your brand?

I have just finished remodelling my Atelier and Salon and we are putting the finishing touches to our website. I'm looking forward to showing two ready to wear collections, as well as a "Special Occasions" collection during the year. I think that this is going to be my "Big year".

Please give us just a quick description of your AJFW 2010 Collection, including inspiration for it and the number of pieces you'll be showcasing.

I will be showing 25 pieces at Audi Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by early fifties retro styling. I have used luxury fabrics and traditional romantic tailoring and the emphasis is on waistlines and shoulders. I have focused on letting women be women and although the collection draws its inspiration from the fifties, it envisages a lifestyle I find my clients are yearning for.